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Residential Attic Insulation

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Suspecting or discovering asbestos in your home insulation can be frightening. Did a contractor use words like asbestos, vermiculite or zonolite? Are you a little concerned that this is in your house?   Don’t panic. EnviroBate has 30 years of experience in providing the highest quality abatement services. We deliver the benefits that matter most to residential clients: safety, experience, certified, fast, compliant. Last year, EnviroBate’s Residential Team successfully completed more than 600 home projects in the Greater Twin Cities area.

Step-by-Step:  How we’ll work with you.

  1. Use caution. Do not touch, disrupt or remove the problem without professional consultation. Take pictures and measure the square footage.
  2. Call EnviroBate at 612-729-1080. We’ll ask you to describe the problem in detail, send pictures and give you professional advice about your situation. We will give you advice on testing by a Certified Asbestos Inspector.
  3. Free consultation. An experienced project manager may visit your home to review the suspected problem. Expect an on-time visit and an honest evaluation about the problem’s severity and urgency.
  4. A plan. We’ll provide a written proposal with recommendations, cost and timeline.
  5. Safety measures. Prior to beginning contaminate removal, our Certified Site Supervisor will explain the removal process – foremost, our strict worksite safety and clean-up procedures.
  6. Final inspection. Our Certified Site Supervisor will conduct a final inspection to ensure your project meets all regulatory standards.

Qualifications and credentials

  • Licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health 
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Certified WBE, SBE and TGB  
  • State-Certified Union Supervisors and Workers
  • Company Safety Program    

If your insulation is the Zonolite brand of vermiculite insulation then click below for further information about potential refunds available to you.

Removing attic insulation safely View Full Details

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