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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Asbestos Removal

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive from homeowners or residents. Much of this information is taken from the Minnesota Department of Health.

How can I tell if anything in my house contains asbestos?
There are over 3,000 building products and other items that contain asbestos. The only way to determine if a material is asbestos-containing is to have that material sampled by a certified asbestos inspector and analyzed by an analytical laboratory.

Where can samples of a building material be tested for asbestos?
EnviroBate does not perform asbestos sampling however if you call us at 612-729-1080 we will recommend a company that will provide that testing.

Is just having asbestos-containing material in my home a health risk?
No, if the materials are in good condition. Asbestos is only a problem if asbestos fibers are released into the air. Removing the asbestos material may be the best option if the asbestos material is extensively damaged or if it will be disturbed by renovation or other activities.

Is EnviroBate licensed to remove asbestos from homes?
Yes. EnviroBate is a licensed asbestos removal contractor through the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and our asbestos removal technicians maintain individual asbestos-removal certifications. Note:  State law requires that all asbestos contractors have a license to perform asbestos-related work in single-family residences and residential buildings that meet the criteria. If you do not choose EnviroBate to perform work in your home, for your own protection we urge you to choose another licensed asbestos contractor. We also encourage you to ensure that your licensed asbestos contractor obtains a permit from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) if your project is large enough to be regulated by the MDH.

What does the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) regulate in residential asbestos removal?
MDH regulates the removal (abatement), encapsulation or enclosure of friable asbestos-containing material in amounts greater than 10 linear feet, 6 square feet or 1 cubic foot. MDH does not regulate the removal of asbestos-containing flooring, ceilings, siding or roofing materials in a single family residence.

How is the work done?
For detailed information on what you should see before and during an asbestos removal project, please go to the Minnesota Department of Health website, Home Concerns – Hiring an Asbestos Contractor.

How much will the asbestos removal cost and what does the cost include?
The costs associated with asbestos removal can vary based on the size of the project, the amount of asbestos being removed, and the time required to perform the removal. Costs include labor, air monitoring and waste disposal. The cost can be higher or lower based on the complexity of the project.

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